Nowadays most of the HP Printers comes with wireless technology.  To connect to the network wirelessly, the printer uses some techniques which are explained below:

  1. HP Auto Wireless Connect
  2. Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  3. Wireless Setup Wizard
  4. USB setup of Wireless

Alternately, you can also connect your printer to Ethernet (wired ) connection. If you choose to connect through Ethernet, the printer’s wireless system will be disabled.

Wireless Printer setup is very useful when mobile devices are used, which makes use of wi-fi rather than a wired connection.


It is  difficult to find a home with a smartphone or tablet nowadays even in a home without computers. So now most of the basic functionalities like email checking, browsing and playing games are carried out through these hand held devices. That said, printing is not an exception. Printing is also one of the basic requirement nowadays and no one is going to spend a fortune on a computer just for printing. So these mobile devices offer printing solutions themselves. Any brand of mobile device, be it Apple( iPhone &iPad),  Android (Samsung Galaxy Devices, Google Nexus Devices etc),  Windows (Microsoft Surface, HP Elitepads, Windows 8+ tablets, Windows 10 mobile) Google Chrome( Chrome books & Chrome OS)  or Amazon (Fire Devices), they all come with a printing option.


Eprint is a technology specific to HP. This technology assigns an unique email address to the HP printer. So user can directly email the documents to be printed to the HP printer’s email address. For this, the printer should be ePrint enabled.  Also the printer or the MFP must be registered to HP ePrint center, which is a cloud service.  The unique email address is assigned to the printer during this registration process.

The advantage of ePrint is that you can use your own printer’s print services from anywhere in the world. Only thing is you need to have access to a network to send an email. Just select the printer, which is already configured in your mobile device, select the document to be printed, attach it to the email, type your printer’s email address and send it! It is as simple as that. All the common formats such as .doc, .jpg and .pdf are supported.


To make sure you are using the latest software for installation, it is always advices to download the latest printer driver software from 123.hp.com. You have to keep your printer model as well as your operating system in the computer you are using, to download the appropriate printer driver from 123.hp.com.  Also make sure that the computer you are using and the printer you are going to connect, both are in the same network.

Once the printer has been connected to the network, the printer is automatically discovered during the installation.

You can either choose to install the driver software as the full bundle or only the basic driver.


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